A career in life coaching is a great choice if you are looking for more fulfilment out of your job and life. Not only are you impacting and transforming people’s lives, but you are also in charge of when you work, where, and how often. It gives you the flexibility to work on a schedule that fits your lifestyle.  Consider the answers to these most asked questions about becoming a life coach:

1. Do I need to be certified to practice as a life coach?

You don’t require certification to practice as a life coach, however, having credentials adds to your creditability and legitimacy as a coach.  Some professional organizations require certification from one of the self-regulated coaching bodies such as the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

At Coach Masters Academy Canada (CMA), we offer a proprietary teaching approach that creates sustainable transformative change. The Transformative Coaching program is recognized and approved by the International Coaching Federation, and once you have completed the program, you can apply for accreditation and membership status.


2. Are there other coaching Modalities?

There are many coaching modalities in addition to life coaching. If you are in a corporate role, you could benefit from the leadership coaching, teams, career or executive coaching programs. Or consider a career as a family or business coach.

CMA helps individuals, corporations, and employees develop qualities that inspire personal and professional change. We have trained people from across the globe and created a large community of coaches from a variety of niches who successfully serve others from around the world.  What is offered is a framework in which you, the coach, can layer on subject matter expertise to define your niche or product offering to your clients.


3. What does transformative coaching mean?

While traditionally tactical coaching has been useful for troubleshooting, problem solving and optioning, transformative coaching focuses on deepened learning, giving the client a fresh perspective, new directions, and positive possibilities.


4. What if I have another job? Can I be a life coach part-time?

The answer to this question is absolutely!

Most students CMA trains are in full-time, or part-time jobs. Coaching offers the opportunity to start in a part-time capacity and go at your own pace. There is multiple coaching program start dates to easily fit into your schedule with sessions starting every month of the year


5. What is the benefit to starting a coaching business?

When you choose a career in coaching you are in essence your own boss. You can set your own hours and choose to work from home or wherever is convenient for you.

If owning your own business doesn’t appeal to you, corporations as well as a privately-owned coaching companies are always looking to hire great coaches.

Whether you choose to work for yourself or for someone else, the choice is yours. There’s both freedom and independence to excite and inspire you as you take the first steps towards becoming a life coach.


6. How much money can I make as a life coach?

The average salary in the first year can range between $40-$50K USD, with the average at $47,000. This should not be a deterrent as it takes time to build skill and clientele. With every new business venture, there is a building phase, which requires time and patience as you grow your capabilities and your new coaching business.

Are you ready to take charge of your own life? Connect with us today and we will work together on a learning plan to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Learn more about our upcoming sessions or to connect with a life coach today – www.cochamastersacademy.ca info@coachmastersacademy.ca