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Create a more fulfilling life

In 3 Months Become a Transformative Life Coach

Integrating the Science of EQ and Positive
Psychology for sustainable change.

  •  Live a Rewarding Life Helping Others to Succeed
  •  Achieve Worldwide Recognition with Strong Community Support
  •  Learn Online a Powerful Approach for Personal Transformation
  • ICF Certifiable Program No One Else Offers

A coaching career to
transform your life and others

  • Achieve sustainable change with the science of EQ and positive psychology
  • ICF recognized, you will qualify for certification and membership credentials
  • Rich, diverse, cross-cultural learning experiences
  • Pro-bono coaching and accumulative coaching experiences
  • Local and global community support from thousands of CMA trained coaches
  • Worldwide collaboration with masterful leaders in transformative change

A revolutionary approach
to enable change, no one
else offers.

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Graduates Learning Experiences

Thousands of leaders and coaches across the globe have been trained using our proprietary transformative coaching to help to achieve sustainable results. Hear what they have to say.

A conversation with Lynn Hunt, who works in the Health Management industry, teaches her clients about optimum holistic health, performance and well-being. Through her coaching practice she has learned to change mindsets and shift lifelong, inhibiting thoughts and behaviors one conversation at a time. Listen to what she says about her journey.

Lisa Tong

Director of Training & Program Director Coach Masters Academy, Canada

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Our next class starts this winter

Let’s work together towards a learning plan to achieve your goals. Take the first step and request a conversation with a CMA Admissions Coach by calling (416) 605-5775. Or, to learn more about CMA’s transformative coaching program,

Main Facilitator: Lisa Tong
Director of Training

Are you ready to take charge of your own life, work life and have a meaningful impact?

I am an ambassador of people and brands, in active service to my clients, colleagues and students. Certified in several coaching modalities including, career, executive, leadership, business, and family coaching. My work style is one of transparency, honesty, and humility. Educated in engineering, working in corporate roles and entrepreneurial settings, I have transformed personally and professionally through my coach studies and sharing with a community of like-minded professionals. My personal and work experiences make me the best I can be, which inspires me to teach, lead and motivate others to live their best life. I help people, teams, and organizations through change.

A framework for self-discovery, goal setting, empowerment, planning, and accountability, it’s a unique and powerful journey.

Become a Certified Coach in Canada and start transforming lives

Download our free guide on our proprietary, transformational approach to coaching.

  • You will learn CMA’s proprietary transformational conversation framework. There are 12 Learning Labs and 12 Practical Labs over a short 3-month period.
  • Receive CMA’s Professional Coach designation and the qualifications to qualify for ICF certification.
  • Help your clients uncover gaps, support your client to harvest learning, and encourage your client to create accountability in support of their desires.
  • Learn an effective process in which to have a conversation with your client to bring about actionable and meaningful change for your client.
  • Request your guide now and take the next steps to secure your spot for our classes starting the winter of 2021 – 2022.
  • Flexibility with online and in-person classes and times makes it easy to learn on your schedule.
  • Enroll today before classes are full and begin living your dream career.


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