Ready to explore a new journey in the field of coaching? Harness your inner positivity and find out how rewarding this transformational challenge can be. Read on to find out more.

Reach New Heights

Are you ready to take on a new focus for your professional and personal goals? Do you want to engage in an exciting adventure that will help you take charge of your own life?

Sometimes, embarking on a new journey can feel like an upward climb. But with each journey, there is much to learn along the way, and a new perspective awaiting us when we reach the top. Becoming a life coach (or any coach for that matter) is that journey. It comes with many rewards: the valuable life experience you will gain, the unforgettable accomplishment of fulfilling a promise that you’ve made to yourself, along with newly-acquired personal connections, building a new portfolio of skills, and best of all, being in service to your clients.

Coaching Types

Choosing a new career in the field of coaching is both exciting and rewarding, and adjustable to your lifestyle, professional, and personal commitments. There are different types of coaching practitioners and many areas in which to specialize. Coach practitioners can offer services to clients within a business organization, at a corporate level. They can also engage single individuals, looking for guidance in professional or personal affairs.

Earning Potential

With work experience and training, your value as a life coach grows sizeably. The more you have of both, the greater your earning potential becomes. According to the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the level of income that one receives from the coaching practice “is linked to a variety of factors, including attributes of the coach practitioner, the range and mix of services offered, and client attributes. The years of experience continues to be the most important predictor of a coach’s income/revenue from coaching.” [2020 ICF Global Coaching Study]

As a life coach, you have the flexibility to be as active as you like. It can be a side hustle or a full time career commitment, depending on your lifestyle and aspirations. Once you commit to building your practice, you can look forward to the income that comes with the time you have invested in your positive self-development.

So how much will you be making in actual dollars? Your earning potential is based on experience and range of skills, all of which are poised to increase, as you move forward with your transformational journey.

When you are assessing your earning potential, it is important to consider:

  • Your coaching specialization
  • Current work experience as a coach
  • How much time you can commit to coaching
  • Level of education/Type of coach training
  • Your value offering, service, or product and its perceived value to your customer

For a life coach, according to the website, the rate per hour ranges from $20 to $160 CAD (for one-to-one sessions) depending on region and experience, with the average hourly rate for a coach listed at approximately $60 CAD per hour. And from a second source, the site, the average hourly rate is $50 CAD. So, once you pick up a little coaching experience, you will be able to generate good return. However, there are also ranges much higher depending on the offer and services of the coach.

Average life coach hourly pay in canada

Life coach salary

Patience and Positivity

As you take the time to build your clientele, you will see the results of your efforts paying off. Coach Masters Academy Canada encourages coaches to embrace their inner potential through the power of positivity. Start with investing in yourself with coaching as a skill and remember why you started on this journey. A majority of our students don’t explore this path for monetary reasons. From a recent survey of our students, they join because there is a calling and a need to be in service to others. Establish a strong foundational skill in transformational coaching, build the right brand for yourself and how you want to be perceived as a coach, and then consider pricing elements.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  ~ Lao-Tzu

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