Are you considering a career change? If you have been thinking about a second career or a side gig that offers more personal fulfilment, becoming a Life Coach may be exactly what you are looking for. A coaching career offers many benefits, not only for your clients, but also for you personally.

A life coach career offers the opportunity for transformative change. You will experience firsthand how limiting beliefs and one’s mindset can impact whether we see things positively or negatively.

Often, we think a life coach is there to provide solutions to your problems, however, this isn’t the case. A life coach is there to change the lens on the way you see your problems. They are there to shine a spotlight on issues you are already familiar with but have trouble seeing. Through this newfound awareness and clarity, a life coach helps people progress to attain greater fulfilment in their relationships, careers, and daily lives.

In achieving long-lasting transformative change, a life coach helps direct their mind towards what is positive and possible.

What Are the Characteristics of a Great Life Coach?

Compassionate – A great coach has compassion for their clients’ personal circumstances. They can empathize and show kindness in any situation.

Positive – There are two ways to view a situation when faced with a challenge – glass half full, or glass half empty. A life coach helps move a client from a loss mindset, to one of gain and enhances the positive in their situation.

Supportive – A coach provides a safe space for their client. Being supportive and nurturing provides comfort and is an important characteristic of a great coach.

Observant – Being observant is a skill. Are you able to see beyond what the someone says, pick up on word choices and identify the mindset (positive or negative) in a conversation?

Honest – Honesty and transparency is paramount to build strong relationships. Trust is gained when you speak honestly and openly.

Dedicated – A dedicated coach puts their client’s needs at the forefront and is committed to successful outcomes.

What Benefit Does a Life Coach Provide?

  • More fulfilment with work and life
  • Less fears and anxieties
  • Better communication habits
  • Stronger and more meaningful relationships
  • Enhanced creativity

A life coach ensures their clients are taking the actions required to experience significant change. They hold them accountable which is one of the greatest benefits of all.

How Can I Start My Career as a Professional Coach?

Coach Masters Academy, Toronto, Canada, offers world class teaching in several coaching styles in addition to Life, which include Career, Executive, Business, Leadership and Family coaching. We help individuals, corporations, and employees develop qualities that inspire personal and professional change. We’ve trained people from across the globe and created a large community of coaches and leaders who successfully serve others from around the world. Approved by the International Coach Federation, the world-renowned organization that sets professional coaching standards, the academy offers an exciting, powerful approach to personal transformation. As a graduate, you’ll not only experience a personal life transformation, but you will gain the skills required to discover what drives and motivates your clients to help them find direction and purpose to succeed in life.

Are you ready to take charge of your own life, work life and have meaningful impact to those around you? Connect with us and we will work together towards a learning plan to achieve your personal and professional goals. Learn more about our upcoming sessions or to connect with a life coach today –